Thursday, 29 November 2012



Mel, with a fresh new cut and a pink gloss


Monday, 12 November 2012

Nearly there...

I am Opening a boutique hair salon in brunswick east, in the same space i will be collaborating with a friend who will be stocking all kinds of lovely retail.. together we will make Lucky Buster.
We are located on Blyth street between New Day Rising cafe and Celia Fox flowers!
So, currently we are awaiting permits and fit outs, in no time the shop will take on its physical form as Lucky Buster.Store.Salon...
Open day yet to be confirmed.
Original mineral colour is 98% natural and is free from all the nasty chemicals found in conventional hair colour

Scrape it!

Original Mineral!

Shampoo and conditioner, 98% natural, plant and mineral based..
Leaves hair feeling soft and hydrated.
350ml - 29.95 each